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Recording Studio

Small to medium size bands recorded with high quality gear.


Gear specs and pictures.


  Competitive prices. Contact us for specific requests.

Available timeslots

Depending on your project, check available time slots.

Home Recording

Click to watch and listen to the recordings

Studio equipment

The studio is running on a MacPro with external hard disc Promise RAID6, 20 TB, a Lacie back-up 16 Tb and Logic Pro X. I have an Apogee Symphony I/O 24 channel AD-DA converter, with Thunderbridge.  For demo recordings I have a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 digital console in my basement studio with build-in pre-amps and converters to a MacBook Pro via Firewire.

Pre-amps are 16 clones of vintage Neve 1073, Neve 1084 and API microphone pre-amps handmade by Vintage Audio Projects and a Millenia HV-3C .

Furthermore a 40-piece microphone set with a top-of-the-bill Brauner VM-1, a Royer R121, a Lewitt LCT940,  a Shure SM7B, a Neumann KM150, an AKG C451, matched set Rode NT5, 2 Lewitt LCT240, 5 Shure SM57's, AKG drum mic set, JTS drum mic set, several popular kick drum mics, etc.

Outboard sound processing gear: Elysia Mpressor, Elysia Nvelope, TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack , Aphex Compellor, Kemper Profiler.

I use Focal Solo 6 active monitors, Adam 7X active monitors and a set of large Bowers & Wilkins Matrix 3 speakers.

Price tables


250 €/day 
  • Recording on high quality gear and microphones, technician included


Demo recording

175 €/day
  • Recording live with your band on a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 console, technician included


  250 €/day
  • 1000 € - 5 days for studio quality
    750 € - 5 days for demo        recordings

Editing - Mixing

250 €/day
  • Editing/correcting tracks:  25 €/hour

    Max 16 tracks: 35 €/song Max 32 tracks: 70 €/song

Previous projects

Johan Peeters
Singer-songwriter and lead vocals-guitar with By Nature & Hot Snax

Steffi Dils

Cheyenne Thibos
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